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Writing, recording and animating these videos takes quite some time. Therefore videos will be published sporadically with the purpose of explaining and introducing key topics, discussed in more depth in the articles.

Latest videos:

Introduction to Maker DAO: The De-Central Bank for Web 3.0:

Maker DAO is one of the first DeFi projects, founded in 2015. The Maker protocol issues a decentralized stablecoin (DAI), while at the same time creating a credit system for the new age. In this video, we discuss how Dai is created, how the DAO is incentivized to keep DAI at $1 and grow the system. Finally, we also look at the future vision of Maker.

Introduction to Decentralized Finance:

What is DeFi? In this video I explain DeFi from the ground up, looking at what is wrong with the current financial system. We briefly touch upon Bitcoin and Ethereum, comparing these to the early internet protocols. Finally we look at key dApps built on top of Ethereum and how these are interoperable and composable.